Don’t own a DSLR? Just use your phone to take photos? That’s fine, in many ways a phone can be much better than a DSLR! I’m not talking about selfies; I’m talking about taking photos that are worthy of the name. If you are just wanting to take photos for the internet, a modern phone camera is more than adequate but with a little knowledge and some practise, the results can rival and often outstrip those taken with full frame high end DSLR’s.

Photography is one of those pastimes where the manufacturers are constantly trying to push their products and get people to part with their cash. Lots of people are put off by thinking that they need to spend hundreds or thousands of £’s on equipment. Just remember that an expensive camera doesn’t make a good photographer any more than an expensive frying pan makes a good cook. Some of the world’s most famous photographers used cameras that didn’t have a fraction of the functionality that a modern phone camera has.

So why not come along to an afternoon at Alnwick on Saturday, 3rd August 1.00 pm to 3.00pm

We will look at what makes a good photograph, discuss what your phone can and can’t do, look at some useful apps and follow this up with a walk around Alnwick to actually take some photos.
To reserve a place and for details of where we will be meeting, please use the Eventbrite link on the member’s page. Don’t forget, if you are a website member you can bring your son, daughter, husband or wife as well.

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