This is how to make a turbine into a giant flower.

Taking the shots

You need a tripod. Apart from your camera, that’s all.

Frame the shot then put your camera into the mode where it keeps triggering the shutter for as long as you have the release held down. Be careful not to move the camera even slightly – your end result will be blurred if you do. Take at least 50 images in rapid succession, as fast as you can. It helps if you have a remote shutter release, but it you do it by hand make sure you don’t move the camera! Take them in Jpeg mode for ease of processing. Try to choose a day when the clouds aren’t fast moving or else they will end up looking strange.

That’s it. You’re done.


Open Photoshop and go file>scripts>load files into stack.

Using ‘browse’, select your photos and click OK. Your photos will appear on the right side as layers. Click on the first one then holding the ‘shift’ key down, click on the last one. This will select and highlight all the layers.

With the layers all selected, go to layer>smart object>convert to smart object

Once that has been done go to layer>smart object>stack mode

Select maximum and hit enter. Watch the magic work!

If the turbine blades are lighter than the background, use maximum. If it’s the other way around, use minimum. Experiment with the other modes – it’s fun!

You can use this technique in lots of situations. Traffic trails, star trails, people on the street – anything you like.

As long as the camera stays in the same position, it will work fine.

Have fun!