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The Wreck of the Tadorne
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Off the beaten track, where to go and what to look for.


Dark Skies

What to see, where to go and how to enjoy the darkest skies in England.



For the energetic and adventurous or the sedate and quiet – something for everyone.



From pub snacks and coffee shops to the ultimate in fine dining.


Hidden Northumberland will help you discover all that you have ever wanted to know about the most beautiful county in England. Not just the usual tourist traps but the obscure, unique and hidden parts that not very many will have ever heard of.

We will help you find where to go, what to do, what to see, where to eat, where to stay. We take you on your own Northumbrian odyssey – through castles, battles and bastles – to discover your own particular favourites that will leave you wanting more.

So come and feast your eyes, your souls and your stomachs, sample our local produce, slake your thirst on our coast, rivers, lakes and real ales.

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*UPDATE for Subscribing Members*

As there has been no realistic prospect of arranging anything up to now and for the immediate future, it seems unfair to keep the recurring subscriptions live. I have therefore cancelled all recurring subscriptions.

However, anyone who was a subscribing member as of yesterday will continue as such for the next 12 months, regardless of how long they had left.

It seems the system sent everyone an email to say that they have been cancelled, which is true, but only in as much as they won’t get an automatic charge anymore. It was my intention to send everyone an email but I can’t do that as a block now that I hit the cancel button. I should have done it first, and I apologise for not doing so.

I have a host of events ready to go as soon as it’s possible to set dates. A number of exclusive visits to various places not normally accessible, some workshops for night photography and image processing a series of nights entitled introduction to Astronomy and of course the ever popular Farne Island excursions to name but a few. I also have a number of walks planned for the autumn with various themes for each of them.

So I would ask everyone to please bear with me for now until we get the go-ahead to resume activities.

The Cottage Inn, Dunstan

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A day out with the dog

We have been asked to do a list of dog friendly venues in Northumberland, and I think that’s a great idea. I like to be able to take my dog […]


The Summer Night Sky

The Summer Night Sky   Now that the nights are shorter and real darkness doesn’t return until the autumn, there won’t be any Northern Lights to see, and the milky […]


Castles, Battles and Bastles

Northumberland is famous for its castles, there’s no doubt about that. The ones on or near the coast are all too well known to mention, but who can name all […]