If you’re looking for Hidden Northumberland, congratulations, you’ve just found it. This website is dedicated to all those who love the best county in England

Northumberland didn’t just happen by chance, it evolved and it grew from feuds and expanding empires, borders drawn out by swords and tattooed into the rock and soil by the blood and sweat of ordinary people over thousands of years from the southern demarcation line of Hadrian’s wall all the way up to the much fought over Scottish border to the north.

A onetime ‘no man’s land’ ruled by tribes of early hairy Northumbrians, a people that were so fierce even the mighty Roman empire built a wall to keep them out, a place of ancient hill forts and Ad Gefrin, cup and ring markings, Arthurian legends, St Cuthbert, Harry Hotspur, Castles, bastles and battles between Kings and King makers right through to the Border Reivers and the peace and tranquillity that has now settled revealing beautiful vistas and Capability Browns landscapes.

On here we will help you discover all that you have ever wanted to know and some things you would probably have never known about this wonderful place, the secret places, not just the usual tourist traps but the obscure, the unique, the hidden, the parts that not very many will have ever heard of.

Soak up our stunning sunrises and bask in the warming glow of our sunsets that set the hills on fire and open a doorway into our night and our Dark Skies revealing the origins of the universe through the lens of a telescope.

We will help you find where to go, what to do, what to see, where to eat, where to stay, we answer all those burning questions, taking you on your own Northumbrian odyssey to discover your own particular favourite that will leave you wanting more.

So come and feast your eyes, your souls and your stomachs, sample our local produce, slake your thirst on our coast, rivers, lakes and real ales.