Wednesday 14th August

Northumberland is a huge county and it’s impossible to see more than a tiny fraction of it in one day. However, here’s a chance to visit a route away from the overcrowded coast where the likelihood is that you will see only a handful of other cars and very few people in a whole day out.

We will take a drive from the Harbottle area and end up near Kielder, then retrace part of our steps and go to several more places that get very lightly visited. There will be numerous stops at places of interest with plenty photographic opportunities and a short walk of about 1 ¾ miles to visit a very scenic spot. Altogether, the round trip is about 60 miles but we won’t be going very fast!

Starting off at 9.30am with a stop for lunch at a rural tearoom, back to Holystone for about 5.00pm. A full day out! We will get into as few vehicles as possible and as part of the route is several miles on a forest track a sturdy vehicle is preferable, although the route is perfectly doable in any car if you go slowly and carefully.

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