It’s always interesting to look at old photographs from around the area. Here’s a small selection from my collection. Some are of known places and people, others are unknown. If anyone recognises or is related to any of the people in them, by all means email me at and I will send a copy in higher resolution.

Here is a photograph of a wedding at Allendale around 1905. The family name is Alison, that’s all I know. Looks to have been a bit of affluence in the family!

allison wedding allendale


This is another wedding party, I think this was taken maybe slightly earlier, possibly in the Wooler area.

wedding party2


A great old photo of the Allendale Town football team in 1909.

football team allendale 1909


This one is a team of butchers from Morpeth. I’m guessing very early 1900’s



A very early school photograph from Morpeth. Again, I think early 1900’s. I don’t know the school, unfortunately.

morpeth schoolchildren2


I’m led to believe these farming photos are also from the Wooler area, but I have no further information on them



Moving on to the 1950’s, Seaton Sluice hasn’t changed very much – apart from the houseboat!

Seaton SLuice1

It would be fun to try to recreate the following images – if anyone fancies giving it a go, we will publish them on the Facebook Group and on the website.




Cottages at Seaton Sluice

Seaton SLuice Street



Blanchland c 1956

That’s all for now – we will add more in the future. If anyone has any more that may be of interest, please send them in to us and we will publish them in due course.