Litter in the countryside is an increasing problem with many knock on effects. It’s expensive and time consuming to clean it up, environmentally damaging and potentially dangerous to wildlife, unpleasant to see and quite possibly toxic and unsanitary.

I’m trying to evaluate the extent of the problem in rural Northumberland, particularly within the National Park area. I’m especially interested in disposable BBQ’s and the associated debris.

When you are out and about in the countryside and come across sites contaminated by litter, it would be very useful if you could take a photograph and email it to me at, including the date, location and brief description. A map reference would be useful but not essential. Plastic on the beach isn’t part of this, as there is no way of knowing if it was washed ashore or deposited by visitors. Disposable BBQ’s in the dunes, however are very relevant!

If you have been on a litter pick, by all means send me images saying when and where it was.

There’s a purpose to this – by collating the problem and identifying the extent of it, looking at what is most commonly deposited and the worst hit areas, we can try to come up with a means of combatting it and I will be using the results to present to the various authorities and agencies in an attempt to tackle the issue.

Thanks for the help in advance!