Like many people, I have a load of old photos going back to the early 1900’s, collected mostly from car boot sales and flea markets as well as hundreds of old family photos. After watching Peter Jacksons WWI film where he coloured old black and white footage, I thought I’d have a go at restoring and colouring some images, many of them of Northumberland people.

Here are a few to be going on with. I know these are Northumbrian folk, but apart from some very general information, I have little or no idea of the identities. I’ll add more as time goes on.



All  know about this one is that they are butchers, from Morpeth. I’m guessing it dates to around 1910 or thereabouts, but possibly late Victorian period.




Morpeth again. Apart from guessing a date of around 1905 – 1910, there is no other information. Someones Great or Great Great Grandparents are bound to be on this photo, but recognising them is another thing.



No idea of the regiment, but I believe this chap may be called Coutts, from Morpeth.


WWI vintage – I am fairly sure this nurse is from somewhere in Northumberland but other than that, no idea at all. May be RAMC or Queens Alexandras nurses.

wedding party2

All I Know about this one is that it’s a wedding party, taken around Allendale area about 1905


glass plate699 copy

Guessing WW1 period? Seems to be a mixture of junior offices, 1st and 2nd lieutenants. The chap on the left still has his corporals stripes on his cuff and is from a cavalry regiment. 4th from the left, back row is  DLI officer, next right is a Northumberland Fusilier. Centre row, middle, is another Northumberland Fusilier. Probably a training course, perhaps for new promotions.